Fashion is timeless, spontaneous and exciting

Gemella is a fashion house that dwells in accessories and intends to beguile its customers with a flattering range of clothing staples. With our accesories, we intend to ravish fashioners with a collection that is spontaneous, athletic, charming and yet, chic.

We strongly believe that the elegance of poeple resonates from her less-is-always-more approach to fashion, and we intend to endorse this ideology with a bold range of accessories and trends inspiring from the roaring fashion époque of the 80s and 90s. Till this date, these two decades are remembered as the most glorious age of glamour, a period that endorsed a great many timeless and functionally versatile trends that we will continue to cherish for years to come.

Not only our masks block pollen, but effectively cuts harmful ultraviolets.
With it's elastic snug fit, the masks filter out pollen and heavy dust while preventing air leaks.
Under the tap trough running water with soap, gently wash the mask and rince thoroughly, let it dry and re-use it, up to 3 times.

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Our accessories have been sourced and selected to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

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We provide express delivery and free returns on all our products within Europe.

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We will answer to all inquiries before, during, and after all orders and we will support on any issues.

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